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A descendant of the Petha family, the Angoori petha is quite high in the popularity charts. 

Here slaked lime is spread over scooped out round balls of ash gourd that are then boiled in a sugar solution which renders a unique texture and flavour profile unlike anything else. 

We have now packed the famous Angoori Petha in a tin to increase its shelf life. No preservatives added, it is as fresh, when opened, as it was when packed. So next time you want to travel with something sweet, or gift to a friend or store a pack of sweets box - go for a Tin packed Angoori Petha.

History of Petha

Out of Agra's culinary treasure trove comes the soft, translucent dessert Petha, whose popularity can be rivaled only by the magnificent Taj Mahal. A visit to Agra is incomplete without savouring the delicious Petha.

The key ingredients of ash gourd, sugar and water make it the purest dessert in the world. Legend has it, that the royal Mugal kitchens invented this delight when Emperor Shah Jahan ordered his chefs to make a unique dessert as pure and white as the Taj Mahal.

With time, this crystallized pumpkin candy , started gaining prominence amongst the locals and soon became the undisputed favorite treat of everyone from the locals and tourists alike.

History of Agra

Located on the banks of the iconic river Yamuna, Agra is one of the most sought after tourist destinations in India attracting visitors from every corner of the globe. Besides being home to some of the world's most spectacular monuments such as the awe-inspiring Taj Mahal and the stunning Agra Fort, this city has a lot more to offer.

Agra is inundated with beautiful Mughal-era architectural landmarks, but apart from that even the culture, clothing, traditions and most importantly even the food, has a strong Mugal-influence.

Agra is the breeding ground of a wide range of delectable dishes that have attained legendary status over the years.

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Kishore Asar

My first experience with Bansiwala was very good.

Yeshwanth KP
Was very good thoroughly relinquished

Overall experience was good

K S Narayana
Angoori Petha

Quality of product, packaging are of high quality. Delivery of product is professional and fast. Will try other products too


Angoori Petha Tin Pack

Tridib Ghoshal
Very good in taste

Got the Petha in good condition, well packed