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Classic Petha -
Classic Petha
₹ 220.00

For Agraites, petha is not just another sweet. It's an emotion. And a deeply nostalgic one. This irresistibly sweet, translucent, soft candy made from ash...

Best Seller
Paan Petha -
Paan Petha
₹ 360.00

The old world charm and the sweet, scrumptious magic of Petha continues to entice and enamor generations of food lovers. In order to keep up...

Mewa Gujiya
₹ 469.00

Anyone who's grown up in Bundelkhand region of Rajasthan would vouch for the fact that gujiyas are embedded into the soul of each and every...

Best Seller
Angoori Petha -
Angoori Petha
₹ 320.00

It's incredible how the beloved Petha has been reinvented time and again to create eclectic varieties of Petha, each having a distinctive taste and fan...

Chocolate Petha
₹ 360.00

Have you tried this heavenly combination? Today is the perfect day to try out our chocolaty delight! Our delicious chocolate petha will leave you wanting...

Royal Mix Agra Petha
₹ 360.00

Our Royal Mix Petha box is a splendid option for those looking to sample the myriad avatars of the iconic Petha available in Agra. This wide...

Kesar Thandai Mix
₹ 289.00

Beat the heat Thandai, comes from the word 'thanda' is a cooling summer beverage essential during the festival of Holi as well as Mahashivratri. Made...

Assorted Petha - Festive Pack
₹ 540.00

Our Assorted Petha box is a splendid option for those looking to sample the myriad avatars of the iconic Petha available in Agra. This wide assortment...

Best Seller
Mysore Pak -
Mysore Pak
₹ 369.00

We treat our consumers as kings & queens and provide them with the best Mysore pak made out of love! Mysore Pak also called the royal...

Best Seller
Mathura Peda -
Mathura Peda
₹ 345.00

A visit to Mathura is incomplete without gorging on the classic dessert of the mawa (khoya) Peda, which is an intrinsic part of the city's...

Best Seller
Achari Mathri -
Achari Mathri
₹ 289.00

A traditional Mathri is enjoyed with pickle (Achar) on the side.  This is our version of the perfect duo, all wrapped into one. It is a crispy,...

Namak Para / Saakhein
₹ 249.00

A crunchy ribbon like strips shaped snack, an ideal tea time or evening snack recipe which can be realised with a cup of chai or coffee. Known...

Showing 1 - 12 of 50 result