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Do It Yourself Laddoo Kit

Considered a ubiquitous Indian dessert especially during festival season, the Boondi Laddoos are iconic in their own right. Why fret with prepping everything from scratch when you can prepare a batch of authentic and delicious Boondi Laddoos in just 3 minutes!

Here is the process - 

Step 1- Take a non stick pan & pour 160ml of water along with pouch 1 contents. 

Step 2- Once water starts boiling, maintain medium heat & stir regularly until all the mixture dissolves.

Step 3-  Now add ingredients of Pouch 2 and mix it gently. Ensure you do not crush the mixture. 

Step 4- Cook for 2 min on low heat till the mixture thickens.

Step 5- Turn off the gas and let the mixture cool. Finally mix everything together gently. 

Step 6- Transfer the mixture on a flat plate & spread it gently. Let it cool.

Step 7- When the mixture is at room temperature. Prepare laddoos by hand or just dig in and enjoy with spoon! 

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