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A visit to Mathura is incomplete without gorging on the classic dessert of the mawa (khoya) Peda, which is an intrinsic part of the city's cultural identity. Although it's available in various places across the Indian Subcontinent, the magic of Mathura ka Peda is impossible to replicate.

What sets this Peda apart is its distinct golden brown caramelized colour that only appears after hours of cooking whole milk over a fire, this process is tedious and requires patience. However, the end result leaves a lasting imprint on your mind with the impeccable taste and texture that is incomparable. In fact, most sweet lovers would unequivocally agree that the Pedas emerging from the cranky sweet shops around the Dwarkadhish temple, simply manifests pure love, devotion and nostalgia.

History of Peda

Ever wondered how insipid our childhood would have been without those delicious little pedas? This traditional Indian milk-fudge dessert was, hands down, loved and cherished by children and adults alike. Even today, its popularity and enduring appeal transcends across all age groups.

The humble Peda is said to have originated in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh. Braj Bhoomi is as famous for its delicacies as for its temples. Mathura Peda traces its roots to ancient times when Pedas were indispensable during religious festivals and ceremonies, commonly offered as “Prasad”.

No sweet can replace the divine simplicity of a Mathura ka Peda. Which is traditionally made only with Whole milk, sugar and cardamom. No dessert can truly compare to the heart-warming sweetness & purity that is packed into a box of golden brown Pedas from Mathura.

History of Mathura

What can one say about a city which is celebrated across the world as the birthplace of Lord Krishna? Brij Bhoomi Mathura is truly an enigma. In fact, no hymn of praise can adequately describe the charming chaos that this holy land seems to symbolize.

Mathura is an incredibly vibrant city in Uttar Pradesh and it is the melting pot of devotion, faith, spirituality and mysticism. Here, the countless temples dotting the river Yamuna, the dusty streets, the narrow lanes and bylanes, the pretty shops, the modest little roadside eateries - every inch of Mathura is brimming with celebration, love and ecstasy.

Interestingly, Mathurites are a passionate bunch and take their gastronomical desires very seriously. It's a paradise for food lovers and even if one isn't a foodie, chances are you would soon transform into one.

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