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Namak Para / Saakhein
₹ 249.00

A crunchy ribbon like strips shaped snack, an ideal tea time or evening snack recipe which can be realised with a cup of chai or coffee. Known...

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Mewa Gujiya -
Mewa Gujiya
₹ 469.00

Anyone who's grown up in Bundelkhand region of Rajasthan would vouch for the fact that gujiyas are embedded into the soul of each and every...

Mini Bhakarwadi
Mini Bhakarwadi
₹ 199.00

Traditional crispy, fried sweet and spicy pinwheel snack popular in every household of both Gujarat as well as Maharashtra, Bhakadwadi is your perfect tea partner....

Maharashtrian Chakli (Bhajani)
₹ 289.00

Chakli is a delightfully scrumptious snack that is often made during the Diwali festival. Also known as Chakri, these spiral-shaped crunchy snacks are made using...

Kesar Thandai Mix
₹ 289.00

Beat the heat Thandai, comes from the word 'thanda' is a cooling summer beverage essential during the festival of Holi as well as Mahashivratri. Made...

Gud Gajak
₹ 320.00

Synonyms with the winter time and enjoyed during festivities like Lohri. Gajak is not only a North Indian classic but is enjoyed everywhere in India....

Blackcurrant Kaju Katli
₹ 579.00

A fruity rendition of the traditional Kaju Katli. What makes this sweet different is the addition of black currant that makes the simple dish bursting with...

Strawberry Kaju Katli
₹ 579.00

Fascinating, alluring and rich Strawberry Kaju Katli is a unique combination of Tasty Strawberry and Rich Cashews. Packed with excitement, joy and high nutrition, it...

Kesar Kaju Katli
₹ 579.00

A twist to the usual Kaju Katli, this delectable dessert recipe is loaded with the goodness of saffron, cashews, milk which make this recipe simply...

Oreo Chocolate Crunch
₹ 340.00

Who can say no to a dessert when it is made out of the delectable Oreos? The Oreo Crunch from Bansiwala is the bite-sized delicacy...

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Premium Gud Gajak -
Premium Gud Gajak
₹ 220.00 ₹ 440.00

We’ve elevated the classic Gajak to savour during your special occasions. Traditionally made with roasted sesame seeds, jaggery, desi ghee and carom seeds, we’ve also...

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Dry Fruit Mini Kachori
Dry Fruit Mini Kachori
₹ 299.00

Dry Kachauri is the most popular farsan in in Jamnagar, the city of Gujarat. It is deep-fried round kachori stuffed with dry ingredients like gathiya...

Showing 13 - 24 of 88 result