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A traditional Mathri is enjoyed with pickle (Achar) on the side.  This is our version of the perfect duo, all wrapped into one. It is a crispy, flaky biscuit made of flour, water and spices like carom seeds, cumin seeds, turmeric and black peppercorn along with a special lather of a spicy and tangy dried pickle. The incorporation of this crispy delight in the myriad Indian festivals and ceremonies is undeniable. From Marriage rituals to religious occasions and everything in between but who can say no its role as the quintessential tea time snack.

History of Mathri

If you think all Agra has to offer is the Taj Mahal and the Glorious Petha, you are mistaken. 
A savoury delight that holds a place in the hearts of millions India’s has also originated from Agra.
Mathri is a crispy and flaky savoury snack that was born out of necessity. 
During the ancient time grueling long travels were commonplace. So it became essential to have foods that would stay fresh for longer to help with sustenance. This is where the mathri came into existence.  Now this snack is enjoyed the world over with its only true accompaniment, a Kadak Chai! Some variants of Mathri are also stuffed with a filling to add a distinct flavour.

History of Agra

Located on the banks of the iconic river Yamuna, Agra is one of the most sought after tourist destinations in India attracting visitors from every corner of the globe. Besides being home to some of the world's most spectacular monuments such as the awe-inspiring Taj Mahal and the stunning Agra Fort, this city has a lot more to offer. Agra is inundated with beautiful Mughal-era architectural landmarks, but apart from that even the culture, clothing, traditions and most importantly even the food, has a strong Mugal-influence. Agra is the breeding ground of a wide range of delectable dishes that have attained legendary status over the years.

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Swati Vaishya

Achari Mathri

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Achari Mathri

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Very nice

Typical U.P. wala taste😋, loved it

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Achari Mathri

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Achari Mathri