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A mini avatar of the classic Gajak. Rebdi is a crunchy coin shaped treat that is made of fresh roasted sesame seeds and jaggery along with ginger and carom seeds. The Jaggery is heated on a high flame along with the spices to make a hot viscociosious liquid. Once it’s almost cooled, the mixture is shaped into spheres and rolled in roasted sesame seeds. The Rebdi has a phenomenal shelf life. Once you start munching on these delights it’s difficult to stop.

History of Gajak

As you take a stroll down the food markets of Muraina you would undoubtedly be greeted by the pleasant aroma of roasted sesame in the air. This intoxicating aroma is of fresh Gajak in the making. Gajak or Gazak as some call it, is a classic Indian sweet made with Jaggery and Sesame seeds. The making of gajak is quite an art form- sesame is broken with hammers and roasted. Fresh jaggery is set and folded in multiple layers for hours until you have a brown, light flakey dessert. Apart from being a delicious treat it serves as a great source of protein as well as other vitamins and minerals making it ideal to enjoy during the winter months.

History of Muraina

A city located in the Chambal district of India with a heritage as fascinating and vibrant as it’s unique name itself.

The name traces its roots back to ancient times. Due to the abundance of peacocks in the area. It’s name “Morena”; translates to “Mor”, which means peacock and “Raina”, which means abundance and hence the name Morena emerged.

But Morena is not just any Indian city, it was once infamous for being considered amongst the most dangerous cities in India. It was terrorized for years by a large number of decoites and outlaws. Some of whom have their names edged in mainstream history. Like Paan Singh Tomar and even the Bandit Queen of India - Phoolan Devi. So isn’t it fascinating how a city like Morena could birth a delectable delight like Gajak that is literally considered omnipresent during the winter months in North India.

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